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The EOS Engine team are a group of enthusiastic pilots with decades of experience within aviation! With their varied backgrounds in engine development and manufacturing (and of course flying!) they decided to create a new engine for paramotor pilots!


Their goal was to design something outstanding. Something small, compact, light weight, high quality and powerful, which they have achieved with the release of the EOS 100. This engine really is impressive, and Skymec have been working hard with the EOS Engine team and we congratulate them on creating and developing a superb motor that truly is a pleasure to fly!

The new EOS 100 Paramotor has some amazing features:


  • ​The engine is completely CNC machined using only the highest quality materials. It is a small, compact engine that has been designed and manufactored using the most modern of techniques.


  •  The engine has been created for optimum operation. It is easy to start with a smooth and constant run at idle. The well adjusted carburettor together with the unique air box help the motor run smoothly through the rev range.


  • The perfectly balanced crankshaft, fly wheel and shafts means there is minimum vibration.


  • The fan cooling prevents the engine from overheating and allows the motor to run for long periods at full power.


  • The engine gives out optimum thrust and astonishing power for such small, lightweight paramotor. (18.5kg paramotor complete with 14L fuel tank puts out 58kg of thrust!)


  • The reliability of the engine has been proven over time in Australia with Skymec putting 100+ hours on a test motor and working with EOS engine to make modifications allowing the motor to operate superbly in Australian conditions.




IFor engine specs and prices, please look under the 'Products Tab' and click on 'EOS 100'.

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