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The design and outstanding reliability make the MZ 175 versatile, light and very powerful! This is the perfect paramotor engine

They are focused on ensuring that paramotor pilots are always flying, that is both Skymec and Compact Radial Engine's goal, providing you with as many trouble free hours as possible! Sound amazing right?! These are the perfect motors for pilots who love to fly!

We are Compact Radial's sole Australian distributor and we are proud to offer you their full range of products, in particular the MZ 175.
The crankcase, support brackets, cylinder head and redrive have been quality machined on state of the art CNC equipment in Canada.

The exhaust has been designed and fabricated by Italian craftsmen and it's cylinder head has Compact Radial Engines unique proprietary design which allows this incredible motor to develop enormous power through the entire rev range.

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  • Displacement_________________________________175cc

  • Rotation______________________________________ Counterclockwise

  • Starter________________________________________Recoil

  • Output________________________________________26-5hp @ 8300rpm

  • Carburettor___________________________________Walbro

  • Reduction_____________________________________2.47:1

  • Engine Weight_________________________________14kg (Complete with spark plug, exhaust and engine mounts

  • Exhaust________________________________________Tuned

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