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Paragliding Harnesses

Contact us for a price and availability of these great products.

Sun Glider Harnesses available:




              S​unny 3 Harness
              Sunny 3 Air Harness
              Sunny 3 Plus Harness
              MT - 800 Harness


APCO Harnesses
             First Harness (no EP Pocket)
             Ritma Harness
             Chairbag MK 3 Harness
             Edge 2 Harness
             Spark Harness
             Blade Pod Harness
             Tandem Harness Package

Apco First Harness

Apco Ritma Harness

Apco Chairbag MK 3 Harness

Sun Glider Sunny 3 Plus Harness

Sunny 3 Air Harness

 Sunny 3 Harness

MT - 800 Harness

Apco Blade Pod Harness

Apco Tandem Harness

Please note that the APCO Ritma Harness does not come standard with a lexan plate, air foam protection, y-bridles or carabiners. 
These items are purchased at an additional cost.

Apco Edge II Harness

For information on these harnesses please call:

0433 606 317

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