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MacFly Paramotors


 Comfort, Performance and innovative

 Security and irreproachable finition

 Light Weight


 Volume : the machine is composed of independent parts and easily transportable

 Easily disassembled

 Stability on the floor

 Profiled design to be harmonized with the aerodynamism and the look



MACFLY struture consists of a cage into 4 parts mounted on a microbilled titanium frame, grade 2, very strong and flexible enabling to bend it back into shape in case of fall.

The cage is contoured to combine aerodynamics and aesthetics


The different models:

 Cage 4 parts, standard: Diameter 138

 Cage 4 parts, foldable - Diameter 128 - 138 - 150


L'assemblage sur le chassis

 The assembly on the frame is made by fitting held by velcro straps. The rigidity of the assembly when mounted is excellent. 

 The set is plain, unpainted and without maintenance. 

 The welds are very strong and exceptionnal finish

 The ned is made of dyneema and the tension is made using springs. The net always remains tight and its glide ratio generates very little drag.

 The frame is equipped with a comfortable harness, designed in partnership with Sup'Air with carbon plate and 2 zipped storage side pockets.

Optional : reserve parachute pocket right / left.

 The harness is hanging type "swan-neck" movable arms, mid-high, semi-mobile asymmetric to absord the torque effect. These facilitate take off no twist or torsion effects amplified by powerful engines.

 This type of attachment attracted many paraglider pilots for its weight shift piloting.

 The carrying is well balanced.

 The Macfly is equipped with a 12 liter tank.

 The launcher is placed above the head with a return by pulley. Easy and without effort.

Moster 185 side view.png
Moster 185 engine view.png
Polini side view.png
Above: Macfly vittorazi moster plus 18L Fuel tank 138 folding frame side view 
Right: Macfly vittorazi moster  138 folding frame engine view 
Macfly 138 Folding frame.png
MACFLY unique 4 piece folding titanium frame 
Available in 138cm and 150cm outer rind diameters



About Macfly Paramotors. 

JEAN MATEOS discovered paragliding in 1990 and paramotoring in 1994, and became an instructor in 2003 

With his instructor experience and competitor, Jean Mateos has been preparing the machines for his children : 

*ALEX World champion in 2014, 2016 and 2018 French Champion in 2010, 2012 à 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018

*CORALIE World Champion in 2014, French Champion in 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 et 2014.

*MARIE World Champion in 2016, French Champion 2016, 2017 and 2018


In 2010 Jean decided to tackle a new project : manufacture his own machines.


The MACFLY was born !

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