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Paramotor Harnesses

Having the correct harness whilst paramotoring is very important. A harness that is comfortable, light and practical will ensure that your flying experience is amazing.

Skymec offer you the following paramotor harnesses from APCO and Sun Gliders. They offer well padded straps and seating and have various pocket options for stashing your stuff sack and other flying goodies!
Please click on pictures to the left for further information about the harnesses
Skymec recommends that you hang your paramotor and adjust your harness correctly, as it vital for comfort and safe flying.
The Skymec MZ 175 Paramotor comes standard with the Sun Glider Universal Harness, however you can upgrade to any of the harnesses below.

Also available are the APCO Split leg High and Low hook point harnesses
Please contact us for current pricing of the rang of harnesses that we stock.

APCO Superlight P/M Harness Low Hook in Point (M-XL)

APCO Universal P/M Harness Unisize (M - XL)

APCO Superlight P/M Harness High Hook in Point (M-XL)

Sun Glider Universal PPG Harness

If you would like any more information about these harnesses, please call:

0433 606 317

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