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Skymec stock a large variety of propellers. Our team have put in bulk research into finding Australian pilots the most reliable, light and efficient propellers available.

Props are one of the most important elements to be considered before flying. Skymec reccommends maintaining your propeller for longevity and good running performance. Check the propeller for marks and dents from the previous flight and always make sure it is clean and balanced.
We recommed using good quality prop tape as this will help improve the life of your propeller, a must for protecting your prop from sand, rocks, dirt, grass seeds and anything else that might will damage your prop.
​We stock GSC and Helix props:
  • GSC Wooden Propeller (we can order any propeller you need for your motor)
  • Our own special wooden propellors to suit most motors
  • HPR Wooden Propeller, 1.3m (5 Laminar one piece propeller, amazing bang for your buck!)
  • Helix 2 Blade Carbon Prop H25F 1.25m or 1.3m
  • Helix 2 Blade Carbon Prop H30F 1.25m or 1.3m
  • Helix 3 Blade  Carbon Prop H25F 1.25m or 1.3m
  • Helix 3 Blade Carbon Prop H30F 1.25m or 1.3m
Please email or call 0433 606 317 if you'd like a price to order one of these amazing propellers or if you have any questions.
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