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Skymec are the exclusive Australian distributor for the new DLE 200 paramotor engine.

DLE are a world renowned company dedicated to producing model engines. They are leaders in the industry and a brand that is synonymous with quality.


DLE’s mission is to produce the most modern and comprehensive engines on the market and provide a high standard of product support. They will always strive to seek ‘quality and performance’ for customers around the globe.


To produce such incredible engines, the DLE team use modern precision machinery and carefully selected top quality materials. Their attention to detail and high standards ensures consistent performance and reliability of the engines.

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The impressive DLE 200 paramotor engine.

Most recently, they have produced the DLE 200 paramotor engine. Anyone who knows DLE and their RC engines will know that the research and development, build quality and detail is immaculate, the Skymec Team are super impressed!


The DLE 200 is a horizontally opposed two stroke engine and is light weight and reliable with high power and low vibration. There is no tuned pipe, which improves the engine’s power limit and extends the life of the engine with excellent throttle response and curve.


The DLE 200 is an unbelievable engine which will offer pilots no less than an amazing flying experience!


  • Type______________________________________________________2 Stroke

  • Bore______________________________________________________55mm

  • Stroke____________________________________________________ 42mm

  • Displacement_____________________________________________200cc

  • Power____________________________________________________23 HP at 8000 RPM

  • Compression Ratio________________________________________10:1

  • Reduction Ratio___________________________________________1:2.7

  • Transmission Type________________________________________Belt

  • Starting Type______________________________________________Electric Start

  • Net Weight (without muffler)_______________________________10.3kg

  • Standard Muffler Weight___________________________________1.1kg

  • Premium Muffler Weight___________________________________2.2kg


The DLE 200 with the standard muffler is ideal for pilots up to 80kg


The DLE 200 with the premium muffler is ideal for pilots up to 120kg

For more information about this motor please call us on 0433 606 317

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