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Polini have an incredible history!


Their knowledge and experience extends back to the Forties, where ‘Polini Battista” returns from the second World War and starts building and developing ‘strong’ bicycles for workers to use on beaten tracks, the rise and pavements.


Not long after this Carlo, Franco and Piero show their passion for two wheeled mechanics and through the following years, along side their father, introduce the ‘vespa’, ‘lambretta’ and finally the ‘motorcycle’. With their passion for mechanics in their blood, and their knowledge and experience spanning over 70 years, the name ‘Polini’ is now highly respected and synonymous with quality throughout the world.



The team at Polini are always striving for excellence, and their enthusiasm, experience and continuous hard work to improve their products gives them and their customers much satisfaction.


With patience, they found all the secrets of the engines and improved, strengthened and bettered them. They are winners, safe and reliable! Polini products are characterized by extrodinary quality which is the product of passion, experience and continuous renovation.



ISome Polini facts:


·         Polini Motori is in Alzano Lombardo and spans 20,000 sqm,  8,800 of which are stores and 3,000 which are           offices and workshops.

·         Located in Bergamo there is the "Polini Ricambi", a completely furnished spare parts centre on 2,500 sqm.


·         Polini's commercial operations are in over 3,200 locations in Italy and they export to more than 64                           Countries.


·         The designs for Polini products are completed with the help of the sophisticated CAD (Computer Aided                    Design) program.


·         Raw materials are carefully selected according to qualitative parameters and they are always searching for             the best the market can offer.


·         Processing is made exclusively through robotized production systems and numeric control

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Polini Thor Engines: Flying with Technology and Passion


The unceasing research, the constant development, and the experience Polini acquired during the races lead to the creation of THOR, the new 2 stroke paramotor engines. The project was born after the skilled R&D technicians found it was possible to manufacture compact light 2 stroke engines. The Thor engines have become sought after by paramotorists around the world, this was made possible thanks to the testing technologies, test benches and the know-how acquired during many years of experience in the racing world.


Polini Thor engines feature advanced technical solutions. They aim to achieve the best weight-power ratio!


As soon as the engines are pulled off the assembly line, they are placed on the test bench where Polini replicate flying conditions and test the engine with the propeller fitted. They calibrate the carburettor and after the engine is run in the maximum thrust value is measured and recorded. The thrust value must show a short tolerance range to pass the final inspection and it must show high performance consistency between all the engines produced.


This test bench was developed purely for these Thor engines. Through a charge cell with a digital visualizer and a digital revolution indicator Polini can measure the thrust at every rpm. Polini test the propellers to achieve the best thrust and find the propeller that performs the most effectively.


The Thor engines were tested while flying in a variety of weather conditions and the results achieved turned out to be impressive. They demonstrated great reliability with low fuel consumption as well as being suited for racing.



Skymec are proud to bring Australian pilots Polini Thor Engines with full parts back up support!

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