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Pilots get excited, Skymec Paramotors are now the official dealers for Pro Design in Australia! These paragliding wings are top notch and nothing less than incredible. The most exciting part is they will soon be releasing their new range of paramotor wings! These are sure to be jaw dropping, and we look forward to getting our hands on them soon.


Skymec are extremely happy to be working with this incredible company and we look forward to seeing Australian pilots having fun in the sky with them.


In the meantime, the paragliding wings they offer are not to be overlooked. We will be getting some demo's in shortly to pass around, you wont be disappointed!

Cuga 2 - the new release paragliding wing from Pro - Design

Pro Design have been setting the standard for paragliding for nearly 30 years, and are renowned for being the 'Pioneers' of paragliding. They have been developing and constructing high quality paragliders since the sport very first started and their gliders have become the standard on which paraglider design is based.


Pro Design aims to create gliders that are of the highest performance, quality and safety standards. They have achieved this through their extensive experience, innovative concepts, latest manufactoring techniques and the use of the highest quality materials available.


Pro Design offer a large range of wings from entry level, to cross country to acro wings and speed wings! There is something for everyone. Their most recent creations, the 'Cuga 2' which is an entry level wing and the 'Thelma 3' which has been designed for thermal and XC flying are exceeding expectations.


Alexandre Paux is Pro Designs initiator of new ideas and designs but works closely with his dedicated team of professionals to produce a world renowned paragliders.

Pro Design have been responsible for the following developments in Paragliding since 1986:


  • Cloth materials with durable strong fabric for the top surface, light weight fabric for the bottom surface (to save weight) and firm fabric for the ribs to achieve the best possible shape

  • V Rib construction to reduce the number of lines needed (reduced aerodynamic drag caused by lines, resulting in improved performance

  • Attaching reinforcement tape to the ribs  (starting at line attachment point on bottom surface to the top surface of the wing) which achieved best possible load distribution and maximum strength.

  • Stabilizers vented from the inside, creating aerodynamically efficient and fully profiled wingtips.

  • The use of progressively differing line diameters instead of only one line type. This allowed for maximum overall strength and lowest possible drag.

  • Partial V- Technology

  • A special tape running span-wise near the trailing edge reducing oscillation and allowing for above average in-flight stability.

    Ram-Air pockets at the inside of the leading edge on the lower sail reduce disturbing vibrations and stabilise the glider at high speed.

  • Pre-stretched and bend-insensitive dyneema line which has increased breaking strength while remaining consistent in length.

  • A special A-Folding line (or split A's) for performing 'Big Ears'.

  • Speed System / Bar

  • Creation of specific construction techniques and smart solutions, for example; safety inserts on riser links.

  • TETS brake line attachments.


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