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In 1960, Leif Radne begun what would be one of the most popular go-cart companies to date.

The company, then called ‘Motor Company Leif Radne’ sprung from a small garage production outside of Stockholm to one of the most widely recognized and used electric go-carts in competition to date.
The company then became so successful they re-located to a larger premises in Haninge, where it was renamed Radne Motor AB.
Radne Motor now have over 30 years experience in manufacturing go kart engines. They are constantly striving to improve their engines and make them even more reliable and economical.
Recently, the Radne range has extended to powered paragliding. Here they produce the extremely reliable Radne Raket engine using their own machined reduction drive and custom exhaust, making it a light weight and high thrust paramotor engine.
                   RADNE RAKET 120  SPECIFICATIONS

CYLINDER VOLUME:                                                              118.8                  

BORE:                                                                                     60mm                  

COOLING:                                                                              Fan cooled        

POWER:                                                                                 10kw 9000rpm     

WEIGHT:                                                                                8kgs                 

CLUTCH:                                                                                Centrifugal                  

STROKE:                                                                                42mm

PISTON RING:                                                                       1st  1.5mm

IGNITION:                                                                             Translator

MAX RPM:                                                                             13, 000rpm

CARBURETTA:                                                                        walbro

STARTER:                                                                               built in with electric


For more information and prices about Radne, please look under our 'Products'  and click on the 'Precision Paramotors' Tab.


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