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Watch out.........Sun Gliders have hit Australian shores!!

We are proud to be the sole distributor in Australia and can't wait to showcase these amazing gliders.
The Skymec  team are excited to introduce Sun Gliders to Aussie pilots. We've been working hard to ensure you have access to their impressive collection of paragliders and accessories.
This company has been involved in producing paragliders and equipment for over 10 years and are now dedicated to supplying pilots right here in Australia.
Their focus revolves around building high standard wings for both paragliding and paramotoring. Reliability and quality are paramount, as well as safety. 
Sun Gliders have dedicated themselves to improving the design and function  of their wings and are devoted to producing the best gliders possible for people who love to fly.

For more information about Sun Glider products, please go to our 'Products ' Tab

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